”Beautiful genes”! What do Alain Delon’s children and grandchildren look like and what do they do?

Many of you know this actor, and you’ve probably heard many legends about his beauty. He passed on his beautiful genes to his children and grandchildren. Now let’s talk about the heirs of the actor, whose beauty is compared with the expression ”beautiful as Apollo”.

Alain did not recognize his eldest son named Aaron and as a result, he refused to even communicate with him. The boy’s mother, Krista Pafgen, turned to the named mother-in-law to influence her son’s opinion, but everything was unsuccessful.

Grandmother decided to raise the youngster and even gave him his father’s surname – Delon.

Over time, Alain began to befriend with the boy, but still did not accept him as a son. After some time, Aaron took his mother’s last name, became a famous photographer and sometimes appears in films. The second son, Anthony, was born from the marriage with Natalie Bartelem.

When the boy became 5 years old, the parents divorced. They were not engaged in the upbringing of their son, because they worked a lot, so he, as they say, ”went downhill.” The boy went forward and was involved in business, developed his own clothing line, which became very popular.

The middle son followed his father and began to play in films. Alain has three granddaughters who also inherited their grandfather’s beauty. He also has two children from his second marriage – a son and a daughter. The daughter became an actress, and the son a model, outwardly they are also very similar to their father.

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