An indescribable story: an orphaned elephant was accepted by new

In this story, an orphaned elephant get love from a new elephant family. Elephants are very sensitive creatures. They are good, loving and caring parents. In this touching scene, an orphaned baby elephant receives love and comfort from a new herd. Many elephants have been rescued and restored in orphanage. But the specific case of […]Read More


As soon as the naughty bull sees the door of

The behavior of this bull is really funny for everyone. There are so many stories of how animals changed, lived together for a while and started to behave the same way. For example, after keeping two animals of different species together for many years, a dog may behave like a cat or vice versa. A […]Read More


The Labrador helped the little ducks to overcome the pain

This dog becomes a parent for the little ducks with great care. Family is the most precious thing we have. But some circumstances can sometimes change this definition. A family whose members belong to different species. This is the case of our hero in this story. Freddy is a Labrador who lives with his family. […]Read More


A sensible and caring dog becomes a great friend to

A little baby giraffe was abandoned by her mother right after her birth. The animal world is amazing. There are so many friendships between different types of animals. This is a touching story about the connection of a giraffe and puppy. Shortly after the birth of the baby giraffe, the mother left. Jazz-giraffe, was taken […]Read More


Finally, after the operation, this pit bull was able to

The moment the dog sees her foster parents is really touching. It’s a heartbreaking moment when an abandoned, blind pit bull has finally found a forever home. The moment she sees her adoptive parents for the first time is truly touching. Elli and Sam, the two kind people who became Hazel’s guardian parents, did their […]Read More