Cute scene: this little girl was trying her best to teach her cats how to draw

This small girl chose to use the family’s cats as model pupils.

A video has surfaced on Facebook showing a little girl teaching her two pet kittens how to draw a flower.

This little girl wanted to improve her drawing skills at home, but since she had no one to help her, she decided to use house cats as model students.

Clarinha is one of the millions of children forced to attend private schools as a result of the current health crisis.

While homeschooling may be less fun for most students, one little Brazilian girl came up with the perfect solution to the problem.

She decided to bring her two furry brothers to an art class. Even the Disney studio couldn’t hope for a better result.

Clarinha begins her step-by-step sketch of a flower guide, while Douglas Roberto and Jurandir wait nearby at a small workbench their sister has built.

When a little girl begins to unravel the mystery of her job, two adorable students pay close attention to her.

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