What a cute scene: while the family was away, this wonderful cat tries to calm down the anxious dog

The cat is responsible for calming the dog when the family is not at home.

Joule is a cute puppy who hates being alone. When her family is not around, she becomes anxious, but luckily she has the company of an unconditional friend named Calvin who is in charge of calming her down, as seen in a series of home camera videos.

Joule was rescued four years ago by Brenna Eckert. Calvin, on the other hand, was recently adopted, and this ginger tabby has always been known for his friendliness.

Brenna explained to The Dodo.

“When we first got Joule, she was very restless. We worked one-on-one with a dog behaviorist to help her deal with some of her problems,” Brenna explained.

Brenna never imagined that an amazing friendship would develop between them once they were adopted, until one day she decided to install some cameras to make sure everything was in order while she was gone and was pleasantly surprised.

During the day, the kitten gently comforts Joule.

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