Positive stories

Cute scene: this wonderful dog that had no front legs

This cute and wonderful dog, which hasn’t front legs, is in is in capable hands. The front paws of the puppy were absent at birth. Nubby’s mother didn’t reject him, but he didn’t have the stamina to walk past other cubs to eat. “The brothers and sisters pushed him away. According to Lou Robinson, Nubby’s […]Read More


Interesting story: this little horse thinks he is a dog

Following her rescue, Luna was able to share in love with her new furry siblings. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if these pets were partners with creatures you don’t normally welcome into your home? You’ve probably heard funny and touching stories about cats and dogs learning to live happily under the […]Read More


Cute story: these kind and caring horses start taking care

These horses were occupied with leading the fawn to safety. What would you do if you discovered that a child was running without parents? Our natural inclination would be to make sure the baby is safe and notify the authorities so they can help find his parents or other relatives. Undoubtedly, they are very close, […]Read More


What a good story: this dog who lived in the

The mother decided to adopt the dog that saved her daughter’s life. Melissa wasn’t sure if her daughter was ready for a dog, but this divine moment pushed her to adopt a dog that saved her daughter’s life. They say we don’t choose our pets. Our pets choose us. This is true for many people, […]Read More


Big age difference: 64-year-old Madonna showed a young boyfriend who

This is what Madonna’s boyfriend looks like, who is 41 years younger than her. Despite her age, she still remains one of the most extravagant and world-famous performers in Hollywood. It became known that after the divorce from A. Williams, the star began to jump from one relationship to another. And recently, the celebrity was […]Read More


As if he wants his wife to be jealous: George

Clooney made his wife Amal jealous by talking about kissing with Roberts. Clooney, a popular comedian and stunt lover who, despite being completely faithful to his beloved wife, sometimes makes her envious, this time spoke about kissing Julia Roberts. According to People, he told his wife about kissing Roberts. He mentioned that he kissed the […]Read More


Following the rescue, a dog who had been chained his

A kind-hearted dog Puppies are incredibly lovable animals. These perfect beings only give humanity their unwavering admiration and loyalty. They are frequently mistreated in turn, though. Unfortunately, owners are increasingly loving their pets as if they were disposable items, if not worse! Following the rescue, a dog who had been chained his entire life sobs. […]Read More


A final appeal is made for bonded pairs of dogs

Pairs of dogs were adopted together The Los Angeles Dog Rescue shared the tragic news on their Facebook page on February 13, 2019. The two dogs, Han and Solo, each had an amazing rescue story to tell. If not for the kindness of a stranger, the dogs would have perished. The organization made multiple attempts […]Read More