Great act: this caring guide saved the dolphin thrown ashore and returns it to the sea

Great job of this beautiful guy who has saved the life of a dolphin.

It is very bad for the dolphin to get aground, as he will be struggled to try to return to the water and may even die from dehydration!

This marine creature brought to the shore of Namibia and stuck where it continued to desperately shout for help.

Fortunately, a Kayachker named Naude Dreyer, the conductor of Pelican Point Kayaking, came across him, accompanying his visitors. He carefully lifted it and threw it back into the water.

On the way back from a trip this morning, we stumbled upon a Benguela teenage dolphin, still living on the shore: so he says to Naude about this particular case. When he entered the water and realized where he was, he immediately flew off like a bullet, which gave me some optimism.

Dolphin waved his tail in gratitude because he was so glad to be at home again.

The video of the salvation can be viewed below:

Naude continued, saying that he would pass through this area later to make sure that the young dolphin is safe and does not get stuck again.

Thank God how great it is to be able to watch such an exquisite marine life and interact with it!

It was wonderful to be able to see and touch such a beautiful sea creature, thanks for your kindness in saving the young dolphin!

Perhaps once a dolphin will repay the debt and save a person. They are smart enough to remember.

Thanks to this person:

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