An old woman entered the beauty salon, and a real beauty came out

62-year-old Tatyana was enrolled in the salon by her daughter. And after the transformation, the woman literally took her breath away: now few people will guess that her real age is 62 years. The heroine looks 15 years younger, and all thanks to the talent and efforts of the masters.


It was decided to change the color to a more natural, but saturated one: Tatyana did the coloring at home, so the tone was faded. Hairdresser Mikaela suggested mixing two brown shades, which created a beautiful and natural tandem.

Before applying the dye, the hair was treated with a special tool that protects against the effects of damage. The staining was followed by washing off, which Tatyana was very afraid of because of the high sensitivity of her ears. But the master was careful, and the procedure was successful.

The heroine’s hair is thin, so to add volume, it is important to choose the right haircut. The ideal option was the length to the shoulders: this hairstyle always looks neat, easy to care for and refreshes the face. Michaela suggested to her client that she use a dry shampoo that cleanses without drying out the scalp and makes the curls more voluminous.

The hairdresser decided to do two hairstyles. The first is soft curls framing the face. And the second – straight hair combed back, slightly curled at the ends. Both options are good and very suitable for Tatiana.


Before makeup, make-up artist Olga decided to correct the eyebrows, because this area of the face is one of the most important. Equally important is the correct base for makeup, and such a product is recommended to be selected in daylight, and not in the light of fluorescent lamps.

The makeup artist evened out the tone of the face and masked all the obvious flaws. Olga made her eyes more expressive, and emphasized her lips with lipstick of the actual shade. As a result, the make-up turned out to be rather restrained and natural, but Tatyana’s appearance was very refreshed.

The transformation was absolutely successful: Tatyana looks much fresher, more feminine and younger.

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