Amazing transformation of Japanese sisters: this is how the twins looked before surgery

This is what these Japanese girls were before they spent $ 300,000 per operation.

Get to know these unique Japanese sisters who gained popularity and universal recognition thanks to their radical body changes. The twin sisters performed a number of plastic surgery, bringing their appearance to the ideal.

If we look at their archival photos, where they are in 20, then you can get confused when you see these two completely different girls. All their facial features, including eyes, nose and shape, look completely different.

As unique twins admitted, they spent about a million on plastic surgery, which is about a million rubles. Cosmetic procedures included injections of fillers, facial lifting and much more.

The most interesting thing is that popular Japanese girls do not regret anything and are probably not going to stop.

They were addicted to cosmetic procedures and began to constantly pay too much attention to how they look in the mirror, which gradually became a habit.

Being already quite adults, the sisters realized that the easiest and fastest way to improve their appearance is to do plastic surgery. As a result, in their archival photographs we see two completely different girls.

One of the main reasons why Chi began to think more about his “imperfect” appearance was the user of the network that she had a pork nose.

But when she shared a photograph that demonstrates her new appearance, the network users hastened to say that it used to be much better, and it was a moment when a young girl clearly realized that it was absolutely impossible to please absolutely everyone.

One of the last procedures that they were subjected was to remove fat from the corners of the mouth. Moreover, their fat on the cheeks also decreased.

Some praise their determination and the fact that they strive to achieve perfection. And some are in a hurry to harshly criticize them for changing their appearance beyond recognition.

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