Amazing story: this woman finished running a marathon while rescuing a puppy

 Amazing story: this woman finished running a marathon while rescuing a puppy

The woman noticed dog on the side of the road while running and rescued him.

Athletics is good for health and nothing keeps a person in better shape than running.

Khemjira Klongsanun, a resident of Bangkok, Thailand, knows this well and in recent years has made it a habit to run all kinds of marathons, including professional ones.

Khemjira was fueled by his competitive humor from an early age.

She recently showed the world when she ran a local marathon that humanity is more important than rivalry and competition, especially when you have such a big heart.

While running a 26-mile marathon through the streets of Bangkok, a woman noticed something on the side of the road.

She had scarcely crossed the seventh mile when she met a small dog alone. She could not let him go, especially since she could not see either her mother or her master. She, of course, resumed the chase with her handsome partner.

So, the beautiful mother ran the next 19 miles with the baby in her arms. She, of course, could have left him with someone from the crowd, but did not.

Khemjira walked to the spot where she found the puppy, who then finished the race to make sure his mother or other siblings were not around.

It turned out that the little boy was there himself. It was at this point that the woman realized that she might not have won the marathon, but that she had found her life partner in the process.

She returned home with the dog as planned.