Amazing story: This 12-year-old boy scout used his knowledge to save a woman and her dog

This boy saved a couple and his dog who were in trouble on a lonely hill.

Little Hawaiian David King was just training to win a new medal in his group of scouts. He could not imagine that during the training he would save the couple and his adorable puppy.

It is well known that one of the main lessons that scouts learn in their first training is rescue operations. This was demonstrated by David King, who, in just 12 years, rescued a distressed couple and their dog from a lonely hill in Hawaii.

One of King’s hobbies was to achieve success in his scouting group and receive recognition for this.

Because practice makes perfect, King asked his mother to accompany him on a short hike along the Waimano Trail. This will help you teach him how to reach his goal. All was going well until, shortly before the end of the trail, they met a couple and their dog.

“It wasn’t obvious (that something was wrong) but then I saw the dog lying on the ground”,  King told CNN. Because of the strange position of the dogs, little Hawaii and his mother consulted with the couple if they needed help.

It was then that they realized the truth: the couple was missing. They decided to take their dog for a short walk, but ended up not knowing where they were.

Smokey is a pit bull, weighing about 45 kg.

It wasn’t long before a particular memory occurred to the boy. His brother, an Aguila Boy Scout, told him he needed a stretcher to carry them.

Just two tree branches with clothes were enough to take care of it. That’s exactly what the little one did.

At first, the lost couple had doubts that their furry friend would like the idea of ​​being transported on this rustic stretcher.

“The dog was so tired that he was happy to get on the stretcher and carry him”, little hero King told CNN.

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