Almost all bodies are tattooed: here is a blogger whose body is completely covered with different tattoos

Here is the most tattooed woman and here is what a blogger used to look like.

Here is a rather popular blogger Becky, who is considered the most tattooed woman in the United Kingdom. It is worth noting that 95 percent of her body, believe it or not, is covered with numerous tattoos, which makes her image absolutely unique and distinctive. However, after posting pictures of her before she had all those tattoos, her fans immediately went crazy and were quick to say that Becky looks stunning without them.

Many are of the opinion that the unique blogger just ruined her body. She is often criticized and regularly receives comments such as ”She looked much better, that’s for sure”, ”Why did she deliberately spoil her appearance?”, ”Why did she do this?”, ”Lack of attention.”

“Without these tattoos, there was nothing special about her”, “She just needs attention”, “Without these tattoos, it’s not at all interesting”.

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