”Age spots, acne, toothless mouth.” After the transformation, the woman was not recognized by her own daughter

Andrea devoted her whole life to her only daughter. Working 12 hours a day, the woman gave up on her appearance, launching herself completely. Due to improper care, the heroine’s skin was completely covered with acne and age spots. For many years now, Andrea has not visited a dentist and completely refused to visit to hairdressers and makeup artists.

The grown-up daughter of a woman decided to surprise her mother and brought her to a Spanish talk show where masters transform women beyond recognition and give them a second life. Andrea burst into tears from surprise, touched by her daughter’s act.

The woman told the TV presenter about her difficult life and admitted that she had long been depressed and stopped looking in the mirror. The first thing the woman did was visit the dentist. The doctor inserted several implants, and covered the rest of the teeth with veneers.

Andrea visited a dermatologist. The woman had a professional cleaning and biorevitalization of the skin. Make-up artists and hairdressers worked with Andrea, transforming the woman beyond recognition.

Our heroine visited a stylist who picked up a stylish outfit for Andrea, adding accessories to the image. The audience gasped when they saw the heroine after the transformation.

Andrea’s daughter hardly recognized her parent, who turned into a real beauty. Truth is said: ”There are no ugly women, there are unkempt ones.”

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