Again for the old: paparazzi photographed Lady Gaga in underwear on the streets of Los Angeles

35-year-old Lady Gaga certainly knows how to remind herself.

The other day, the Hollywood diva came out in underwear, delighting loyal fans. It seems that Gaga is not going to grow up, attracting the audience with new antics.

“A talented singer, but her behavior leaves much to be desired”, “Like a child”, “What can’t you do for the sake of popularity?”, “What is all this for?”, “Not a singer, but some kind of buffoon”, “The voice is good, but manners are absent”, ”O times, o manners”,

“What time, such and idols”, “What example does she set for the younger generation?”, “Queen”, “Gaga is forgivable”,

“But talented,” – people write in the comments. What do you say? Share your opinion. Do you like this Hollywood performer?

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