Actors of the popular comedy ”Taxi”: what do they look like and what do they do after 24 years?

Let’s remember that this film was about a crazy taxi driver and his friend, who constantly get into various difficult situations. The film scored huge ratings, so director Luc Besson decided to shoot a continuation of the story. How the actors of the film look now, we show.

Eduard Montut starred in all parts of the film. This actor can be seen in other famous films, too.

Bernard Farsi does not only act in films, but also plays in the theater.

Emma Sjoberg has already celebrated her 53rd birthday, just imagine! She is married, has 4 children and is engaged in her own business – a modeling agency.

Marion Cotillard is a very successful actress, who won an Oscar. She is married and has two children.

Frederick Diefenthal was unable to make a successful acting career. More often he plays in the theater, sometimes he makes films.

Sami Naseri became favourite after his role in this film. By the way, in his life he lost his license for drunk driving and even received prison sentences.

Have you watched this movie? Which of the heroes do you remember more?

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