A wonderful affinity: this dog with various diseases was an excellent pig companion

It was difficult for this puppy to make new friends until he met the pig.

When the shelter volunteers took her in, Winnie had health problems. It’s hard for this puppy to make new friends… Until Wilma, the pig, comes into his life.

Life has not been kind to Vinnie. The little dog, which was 6 weeks old when she arrived at Charlotte Freedom Farm, was battling various health problems. Since his legs and chest have not developed properly, he will need major surgeries in the future. Indeed, the dog does not move properly.

His rescuers must monitor him regularly. Vinnie really wanted to play with the other dogs at the shelter. Unfortunately, he was denied this activity for his safety. Puppy needs a playmate…

The meeting that changed the life of a puppy

But one day his most cherished wish came true. Volunteers found a young pig wandering alone on the street. No one knows where the animal came from, but caretakers believe it escaped or fell out of the car. Anyway, he was transferred to Charlotte’s Freedom Farm.

Wilma quickly found her place in the shelter. “He learned how to jump on the couch and he loves doing it,” one of the employees told Dodo.

As soon as he arrived, Wilma fell in love with Winnie at first sight. She decided to choose him as her official best friend.

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