A strong powerful message from Julia Roberts will definitely not leave anyone indifferent

Here’s Roberts’ sensational message that will change the mindset of women.

Recently, Roberts shared a very powerful and influential message that will definitely change the way women think and destroy the standards of female beauty accepted in our society. The iconic celebrity is calling on all of us women to finally stop trying to live up to today’s standards of beauty and style.

“The desire to look perfect and without any flaws is considered a disease that a large number of women suffer from today. They apply cosmetics daily, periodically turn to cosmetologists and cosmetologists, undergo plastic surgery and various procedures in order to achieve that perfection that everyone aspires to. And women still do not realize this, most importantly, in fact, their soul needs more support and good care, and not an appearance that will not last forever. Provided that a person’s soul is dirty and evil, it doesn’t matter how chic he looks and what brandy and fashionable clothes he wears.

I’m completely tired of it and now I’m telling myself to stop using makeup and fully embrace my body and face”.

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