A few secrets of youth from the Japanese: here’s how and what to eat so as not to grow old and look beautiful

Japanese women shared their secrets on how to maintain their beauty and youth.

The Japanese have developed a special ideology of life, thanks to which, without much effort, it is possible to remain young and beautiful in old age. These are three simple and healthy nutritional rules that will help everyone keep their youth.

Have you noticed that most Japanese women look young and beautiful even in old age? They actually look much younger than their European peers. The thing is that they use several rules of nutrition to slow down the aging process. Here are their three secrets on how to keep youth and beauty.

No dairy products in the main diet

It is believed that milk and dairy products have a bad effect on the condition of our skin, so many experts recommend that you stop drinking milk after 40-45 years. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Japanese look young even in old age.

Food is served almost raw

Another secret is that the Japanese almost always eat their food without frying or overcooking it. They choose the freshest produce and mostly eat raw fish.

Eat with chopsticks

Instead of forks, they use special sticks, thanks to which they end up eating less than, for example, Europeans. Eating with chopsticks helps digestion work better and makes eating more enjoyable. Thanks to this method, almost all Japanese weigh the same.

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