A famous stylist showed how a woman in 50+ should look

 A famous stylist showed how a woman in 50+ should look

The American stylist managed to change the appearance of a woman, thanks to which she visually looked ten years younger at once. The new hairstyle and makeup made the look more feminine, but the master had to work hard to convince his client that the transformation was successful.

Christopher Hopkins has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. He opened a beauty salon in the early 90s and later published a make-up guide for women over 45. Hopkins recently launched his own YouTube channel and began posting videos of his visitors’ changes.

An interesting guest approached Christopher. 50-year-old Jean came to the stylist on the advice of her daughter Janet: the daughter asked the master to work with the image of her mother to make the image more elegant and feminine. Hopkins happily agreed.

At the beginning of the video, the main character claims that the changes do not scare her: she wants to look at herself from a new perspective. The woman expressed confidence that she would definitely like the new image. Daughter Jean also had high hopes for the stylist.

Christopher asked what his guest wants to see herself after the transformation. Tak said that she hates her own hair, as it is very fluffy, curly and difficult to style. And Jin is not happy with the protruding ears that she would like to cover with her hair. The stylist took into account all the wishes of the client and set to work.

The master did not get rid of the curls, since natural textures are relevant at the moment, and Jin simply cannot straighten his naturally curly curls every day. Christopher removed the length and created a cool voluminous hairstyle, telling how you can style it quickly and easily. The right haircut and the right styling product did their job, creating beautiful natural curls.

Makeup for Jean was chosen very discreet: lipstick in a trendy pink discreet shade, foundation, mascara and nude shadows. As a result, the face began to look much younger, but at the same time remained natural and not at all vulgar.

The daughter of the heroine watched the whole process of transformation. In response to the request of the stylist to evaluate the new image of the heroine, Janet said that she had a little question about the hairstyle. She didn’t give any clear explanation. The discouraged master, who did not understand the reasons for the dissatisfaction, tried to explain all the advantages of the new image.

Jean herself admitted that she really liked the image, and this was confirmed by a radiant sincere smile. But when the woman was asked about her husband, she hesitated. It turned out that the husband is not enthusiastic about curls, but the curls are still present in the hairstyle.

Jean didn’t know how her family would appreciate her new image. It is not clear why the lovely curly curls did not suit the husband and daughter. But all viewers liked the work of Christopher Hopkins very much. People left a lot of compliments and expressed the opinion that the heroine looks very attractive, young and feminine, and she does not need to be afraid of her husband’s reaction.