86 cm woman already has a baby: the unique love story of this incredible couple

This is how the child of this unique woman looks like, only 86 cm tall.

Meet Michael and Trisha – a wonderful and unconventional couple who fell madly in love with each other since their student days. Since they were actually neighbors, Trisha and Michael always spent most of their time side by side.

Soon, their unbreakable friendship became romantic, and they started dating. Shortly after their union, Michael was quick to propose to the love of his life and Trisha became his wife.

Despite the insistent advice of most doctors not to take risks and not get pregnant, the unique couple found the courage to have a baby.

Despite the rare condition of the woman, the baby was born absolutely healthy and did not inherit maternal uniqueness.

At the moment, their adored heir is already 6 years old, and now the happy spouses are planning to have a second child. What do you think?

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