52-year-old Lopez in transparent leggings went outside, causing controversy on the Internet

The famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez apparently decided to live without aging.

Miami, FL – *EXCLUSIVE* – Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are seen for the first time since the COVID-19 self-quarantine and hit up their local gym.
Jennifer’s security wore a mask and made sure to wipe down door handles and any surfaces they may come in contact with. Interesting though that the gym is clearly closed with a sign posted on the door, which proves both Jennifer and Alex have the star power.
Pictured: Jennifer Lopez
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Fans of the girl can definitely say that she will compete in beauty with any twenty-year-old.
Here it is necessary to remind the celebrity is now fifty-two years old. Despite all this, some felt it was not so and expressed their opinion.

”Legs are short”, ”Well, I don’t see beauty here”, ”Of course someone likes it, but not me for sure”, ”With the beauty of course it was overdone”

”With Photoshop, it’s better to be honest,” ”I don’t think it’s beautiful,” ”It’s not a perfect figure, of course, but okay,” the commentators wrote.

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