46-year-old mother of 5 spent 35 million on plastic surgery to look like Barbie

At some point, Nanette realized that she wanted to be like a doll.

American Nanette has always loved Barbies, as a child she played only with them.  She became a real fan of that doll.  At some point, Nanette realized that she wanted to be like this doll.  It is worth noting that the girl was a real beauty and did not need plastic surgery.  But Nanette decided to change.  She first started working in a plastic surgery clinic.  The woman did some procedures at a discount, and some even for free.

True, this was not the result that she dreamed of.  However, when she got married, her husband began to fulfill all her whims and desires.  He encouraged her undertakings and changes.  And most importantly, the husband paid for all plastic surgeries.  Nanette has changed beyond recognition.

Now she is 46 years old and she is the mother of five children.  However, this does not interfere with his passion for Barbie.  Nanette enlarged her bust, did liposuction, changed the shape of her nose, enlarged her lips.  In order to have blue eyes, the woman constantly wears lenses, and she also dyes her hair in order to remain a bright blonde.  Of course, the wardrobe must also match the image of Barbie.  And the husband also made a separate Barbie room in the house for his wife.  Nanette is happy, she is glad that her loved ones support her.

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