10 examples of how professional makeup can transform even the most unattractive appearance

Gohar Avetisyan is a well–known and very popular makeup artist. She is sure that ugly girls and women simply do not exist: to look luxurious and stunning, it is enough to set a goal and achieve it. Of course, makeup plays an important role in creating the perfect image. Moreover, even obvious defects in appearance are not a hindrance to the perfect make–up.

Gohar’s works are simply amazing, they can be safely called works of art. Here are some examples:

1. The most ordinary girl with an outstanding appearance and pronounced flaws in the form of pimples after applying cosmetics turned into a real model with an incredibly expressive look.

2. In the ”before” photo, the woman looks tired, exhausted and sad. But after makeup, the mood has clearly improved, because the appearance has been transformed and changed beyond recognition!

3. No one is insured against accidents, but competent and professional makeup will help hide their consequences.

4. This woman seemed to have aged 20 years after Goar’s work.

5. People with disabilities should not limit themselves in the desire to look attractive and stylish. This girl has become very bright and beautiful.

6. The appearance of this girl is not perfect, but the makeup artist was able to disguise the flaws and emphasize the advantages. Gohar highlighted her eyes and lips, and made her nose neat and petite.

7. Exotic appearance is perceived completely differently after makeup. The girl has become very bright and feminine, but has retained her zest.

8. Make-up, wig and tiara turned a woman into a real queen: luxurious and elegant.

9. Even the simplest woman can look like she is a Hollywood star.

10. Just look at the bright lips and incredible eyes of this girl!

The results of the work of the talented Gohar Avetisyan are truly impressive and prove that with the help of skills and talent, you can transform any appearance.

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