You can build this little nice house for $700 in three weeks

A tiny home build in 3 weeks

All have probably fantasized of creating their own modest house, if we were to estimate. Of course, some people may wonder how they would ever be able to pay for all of the expenses linked to such an investment.

Alla Ponomareva has made the decision to start the procedure, and she is giving us a fantastic manual to refer to in the future. As it turns out, the cost of this procedure is not quite as high as you may anticipate.

She managed to erect an extremely compact and straightforward A-frame cottage that occupies the entire 80 sq ft. The greatest feature is that it only cost $700 in total!

On her website, she detailed the entire building process from beginning to end and chronicled it. It was not just inexpensive but also finished very quickly! Alla finished the house in about 3 weeks. The outcome is amazing in every way.

There isn’t a better site in Montana, in our opinion. Honestly, we think this is one of the most beautiful woods landscapes we have ever seen. Due to the numerous facilities, this building is also not at all crowded.

Alla can get enough of sunshine through a complete wall, which keeps her from ever feeling too cramped. The solar panel’s existence will undoubtedly be apparent to you. Yes, this was covered by the abovementioned expense, so there’s no need to worry.

Additionally, the veranda has some wonderful features. Her sister-in-law first intended to toss aside the deck, but Alla changed her mind and kept the components.

The fact that one of the walls really opens up is one of the best features! Whether it is a tiny house or not, it is one of the nicest residences we have ever seen. She did not have to spend lots of money to create an integrated movement in her living area.

How do you feel about her small house? Do you feel motivated to construct your own? Inform us!

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