A 5-room cabin is currently available on Amazon for less than $33,000

An amazing 5-room cabin

Although it’s commonly said that house is where your hat is, for other people, a house is something special.

According to Simplemost, the Allwood Avalon Cottage Kit is one of the new home kits that have appeared on Amazon. It is charming and reasonably priced at $32,900. It also adheres to the small house movement and has enough area for a bed, sitting area, kitchen, and toilet at 540 sq ft. Due to a 218 sq ft loft, there is even some more room.

This is ideal for someone who is proficient in DIY, but if you have never used a sledgehammer, you might not want to attempt it. However, because it comes with clear directions, even a saturday warrior can complete this task. According to the Amazon description, two adults can finish the project in roughly a week. The home is also very strong, withstanding winds of up to 120 mph. For an additional $10,000, you may change to triple-glass windows and doors if you want more security.

You receive all you require to erect the house’s framework, but you will still require extra purchases to complete the project. This consists of a bathroom, stove, sink, bath, soundproofing, and furniture. The design can also be changed if you’d like to make it precisely what you want it to be.

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