Nobody Believed In This Product At First. Not Ordinary Ceramic Teapots Will Become Inseparable Part Of Your Kitchen.

Sometime what you find useless is more than precious to someone else. This is what people call talent.

If you were one of the luckiest people who had a chance to see the works of the artist Eric Serritella live, then you would hardly understand what is extraordinary and distinguishing about them. At first glance, ordinary stumps and snags found in the forest, however, if you look at them more closely, it becomes clear that these are clay products. Moreover, they are very functional: intricately curved tree trunks are nothing more than intricate ceramic teapots.

Керамические коряги-чайники от Eric Serritella

It is already known to the world that talented artists can easily create a ceramic analogue of wooden snags. American Christopher David is a real master of hoaxes in this sphere. However, Eric Serritella turned out to be even more talented: the series of works ”Trompe L’oeil” is not only beautiful, but also useful. Unusual teapots will become a non changeable attribute of any kitchen: they will surprise guests and please hostesses.

Керамические коряги-чайники от Eric SerritellaКерамические коряги-чайники от Eric Serritella

Artist Eric Serritella lives in North Carolina. She has been modeling clay for a long time, this material in skillful hands takes any form. All her ceramic products are realistic, the craftswoman puts her soul and efforts in every bend of a branch, cracked bark, broken edges. She admits that with her works she wants to emphasize the triumph of nature, that she retains her charm.

Керамические коряги-чайники от Eric Serritella

Eric Serritella calls his works ”ceramic mirrors”, and adds that the mystery of nature lies in its mortality (even with people’s disrespectful attitude on the part of man) and the invincible inner beauty that it possesses.

Керамические коряги-чайники от Eric Serritella

Do you like drink tea? Would you like one of these teapots at your home?

Source: Kulturologia

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