How You Can Make Fruit’s Life Happier! Look At These Creative Decorations For The Fruits And Vegetables.

Everything in your life must be ideal; starting from the fruits and vegetables ending with the complicated issues.

Every fruit or vegetable has a short life if the outer shelf is damaged. They rot when you don’t eat it. They rot even faster when they are cut decoratively. This is why many people do not manage to see these beauties and lose a lot

A potato viking

Oh noooo! She will eat them!

Ooo, this sight

Do you know the comrade Einstein?

Masked nibbler

A cheeky grannie

A monster from a fairy tale

He looks evil

A combat potato

Scary but beautiful

Where would you see so?

This is not plasticine or polymer clay, but a juicy pumpkin!

Natural art

The author of these is surely talented

A wonderful work

How talented is the author! You can’t take your eyes off these masterpieces.

Do you cut fruits and vegetables decoratively?

Can you do the same as the artist did?

Source: Lemurov

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