How does an artist, who sees cats everywhere live?

An artist sees cats everywhere and in everything

Muscovite Galina Bugavevskaya has a wild imagination that she refuses to confine in any way. To the contrary, she started the Koty Vezde initiative to satisfy her whim. The fact is that Galya can readily and rapidly spot a cat even when it is not visible. Not only to see, but also to demonstrate what he can do!

The protagonist and the sources of her motivation

Why are you staring at me so intently?

Cutie kittens


Do you know who this character is?

We need such mutants!

Someone not at ease?

What’s going on, babe?

Yo-mine! Where did it take me?

Here, it will be better!

The cat, of course, is a predator. But not so much!

Now you understand why Galya’s fantasy is ”unhealthy”?

Add wool – and the most common house-fed cat!

Offended again!

That’s her talent, it’s scary!

What do you think of Galina’s work?

Source: Lemurov

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