You Can See This Masterpieces Only If It Rains. What Is The Secret Of This!

The nature has many secrets and we know about it. This fact became an inspiration for the manufacturers to create things with secrets.


There is no limits for the art. And this is proven every day. Take Peregrin Church, for example, rain allows him to paint.

Just add water

The rainy weather in Washington is normal. Local residents should cope with it. Almost the half of the year the weather here is dry and foggy


Despite the dampness and lack of sunlight, Seattle residents have a reason to be happy on the rainiest days, because they can admire the work of Peregrine Church.

The inspiration for the American came after a couple of news about water-resistant paint. The idea pleased him so much that he soon began to implement it. To decorate the streets, he approximate drawing using a computer, and then applies it to the asphalt. When the rains come, his works appear as soon as they come into contact with water. Various smile-giving phrases, classics and a lot of things were depicted by the artist within the city and its environment.


The paintings last for several months, after which they completely disappear. Paint doesn’t harm the environment at all. And most importantly – so much space for the flight of ideas!

Source: Lemurov

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