You can construct a charming log cabin for $35k with this kit

A wonderful log cabin for couple

Coventry Houses has been offering prefabricated treehouse homes for sale for a while. In actuality, these houses have been available for purchase since 1993 and are produced in a company in Woodsville, New Hampshire. This business takes pleasure in offering high-quality houses. Whenever you purchase with them, you can choose from high-quality wood, wood frame, cedar wood, and mix houses.

The best part is that these home kits are as inexpensive as they can be. We are here to present The Woodland, their most well-liked version, to you right now.

This model has two guestrooms, one bathtub, a loft, and 1,140 sq ft of living space.

The which was before log kit for the open design concept costs just $35,800. The advertised price for the 68 entire deal is $74,700.

This house, in our honest opinion, is the ideal setting for a pair. This house would be ideal for a weekend getaway as well. These images are sufficient to make you ponder how long it will be until you can move in because the rustic, lovely inside is a sight for sore eyes.

There are also one, 2, or 3 garages that may be built to the design if you really need more room.

When you’re prepared to examine a complete list of the designs Coventry Houses offers, visit their site. You will have a tonne of fun looking out these bad guys, we assure you. To see much more, you may join them on Fb.

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