«Words of stepmother touched the boy’s heart»: this boy was delighted when he heard this at the wedding

The girl officially became the mother of a 4-year-old sweet boy.

After long novels, a sweet and caring couple decided to legitimize her love story.

Meet Josh Neville and his wife Emily Lehan, who asked for a little vacation to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

They wanted to properly realize their solemn event and make it unforgettable at the expense of the allotted time.

Thus, they tried everything possible to fit all the events of their dreams as much as possible, even going on a honeymoon before returning to work.

Especially kind-hearted Emily prepared a unique speech for her son Neville Gage, who was from his first marriage.

After a beautiful traditional ceremony of oaths and the exchange of rings, Emily asked to read her sentimental speech.

Taking a microphone, a charming bride began to read good and warm wishes prepared by Gage.

Emily officially became the mother of a 4-year-old sweet boy.

The gentle moment when Emily read his speech touched all those present at the ceremony.

«I want to note that I was lucky that in my life there is such a kind, smart, and beautiful boy. I wish you to be a healthy and good person in life, and I also want you to realize what a unique guy you are. I am grateful to God for such a great gift that you are».

These words touched not only the boy but also his dad and all guests.

Education without a mother meant a lot for a young guy.

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