Wooden Lamps Can Easily Change Your Mood. They Are Magical.

Sometimes small things provide more energy than big ones. The pure light of this lamp will make you more relaxed.

Though lamps are not the most important part of the interior design, they are useful and awesome.  If you have capricious taste lamps must also correspond to your needs and favorite design. There are plenty of lamps with interesting design. But if you have volatile mood you just need these epoxy wooden lamps.

They are created by hand and are for sale. You can obtain them from Etsy shop. The design is shocking. One may think that magical power holds two sides of the wooden pieces. But the designers used epoxy resin to fix them.

dog house couch dual-function furniture

The main material is oakwood but other tree species are also used. You can choose adapter according to your place’s demands

dog house couchdog house couch side viewfurniture sofa and pet house in one

As they are created by hand each of them is unique and can’t be the same. Before buying these lamps one should know that they do not provide much light. Pure light is for cozy atmosphere.

sofa and pet house in onesofa with large wooden armrest pet housesofa with integrated pet housedog house couch pet-friendly furniture

Choose your favorite design of the lamp and write in the comments.

Source:Seungji Mun

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