Wooden Lamp Leads To A Magnificent Fairy Tale. How This Lamp Chooses Idealistic Light For Your Reading

Find reason to be happy in simple things. Even a wooden lamp can change your mood.

Reading a book is like participating in a fairly tail, where you are the main character. This process enriches your imagination and broadens your horizons. Sometimes you just need a good light and calm atmosphere to enjoy your reading. This is why a wooden lamp is needed. It is has a form of book. These lamps have the appropriate light level for book reading.

wooden smart book light maple wood

This lamp has different brightness depending on width of the open book.

nighlight glowing pages ledwooden smart book light fanned out

wooden smart book light walnut wood

Each page has LED lights that provide idealistic light for reading. The cover of the book lamps is made of wood.

nighlight glowing pages

How many books have you read? When do you like to read?

Source: Firebox

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