Wooden horses. Driftwood sculptures by James Doran-Webb

Amazing wooden horses

Деревянные лошади: скульптуры Джеймса Дорана-Уэбба (James Doran-Webb)

The Wooden Horse, according to the Chinese calendar, will be the mascot of the next year. We decided to entertain the Culturology.RF visitors by telling them about the British artist James Doran-Webb, who is an expert on wooden horses. His art is, without a doubt, the best emblem of 2014!

Скульптуры животных от Джеймса Дорана-Уэбба (James Doran-Webb)

James Doran-Webb has lived in the Philippines for so many years and produces incredibly lifelike horse statues out of wood he finds along the beaches. The existence sculptures are fantastic: elegant animals appear to be about to break free and run at full speed.

Деревянные лошади: скульптуры Джеймса Дорана-Уэбба (James Doran-Webb)

Each statue takes a long time to complete because James must choose bits of wood that precisely depict each limb of the horse in order for everything to appear genuine. The normal stance of the animal is very accurately portrayed in wooden carving.

Деревянные лошади: скульптуры Джеймса Дорана-Уэбба (James Doran-Webb)

As a kid, James Doran-Webb had a passion in woodworking. He frequently visited his parents’ old furniture restoration business. James was well-versed in uncommon items by the time he was a teen, and he had perfected the abilities required of a furniture maker: he understood how to design, cut, and grasp all the subtleties of the completed company’s painting. In 2005, the gifted artisan opted to attempt something new and started making specific furniture pieces out of driftwood collected from the sea. Making animal figurines, on the other hand, became a true interest for him, which he perfected flawlessly.

Деревянные лошади: скульптуры Джеймса Дорана-Уэбба (James Doran-Webb)

Even by way, we recently featured another creative artist, Jeffro Uitto, on our website Culturology.RF; his wooden masterpieces formed of snags will undoubtedly attract to you as well.

Джеймс Доран-Уэбб и его деревянные скульптуры

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