Wonderful wooden sculpture made of used and tiny sticks

Wooden art made of used sticks

Скульптура из использованных палочек для еды

There are no little matters for the Chinese. They are prepared to launch national efforts to transform each issue, no matter how tiny, into a value by resolving it as efficiently and effectively. A new artwork, a shattered tree formed from used sticks, sprouted on one of Shanghai’s roads as a result of this cultural tendency.

Скульптура из использованных палочек для еды

China is often recognised as the world’s most populous nation. And, in contrast to several other issues related with overcrowding, it comes out that there is a very peculiar issue of used sticks, at least according to our perspective.And besides, according to Celestial Empire experts, roughly 100 trees are cut down each day in China simply to create this special ethnic silverware.

Every day, one 100 trees are planted. Is it a large amount or a small amount? That was given a lot of thought in China. As a result, the China Environmental Protection Organization (China Environmental Protection Fund) has initiated a push to lower this statistic.In Shanghai, a five-meter tree made of 30,000 used sticks was put out on the road as part of a campaign (before that, they had been sterilised and additionally cleaned of food residue and soy sauce). Furthermore, this tree is shattered and lies straight on the pavement, per the creators’ concept.

Скульптура из использованных палочек для еды

Thus, the organisers of the environmental movement clearly demonstrate the consequences of indiscriminate use of environmental assets. The China Environmental Protection Association is asking Chinese people to use biodegradable sticks instead of disposable ones. And besides, natural resources aren’t infinite, even in this large country!The sculptor Steven Backman, who makes artworks out of toothpicks, is unlikely to be concerned about the preservation of his country’s natural resources in this way, but he does see an issue with the careless usage of discarded toothpicks. He’s only trying to think of new ways to express himself!

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