Wonderful unique, but extremely rare white moose was noticed in the Swedish forests

Many photographers make great efforts to meet rare animals.

White moose is quite rare. Many photographers make great efforts to «organize» a meeting with them, but this is not an easy task.

But some of these people were just lucky! They appear in the right place at the right time. For them, it looks like a search for gold, and in many cases, their career grows many times faster than they could imagine.

Recently, in the forests of Sweden, near the border with Norway, they saw extremely rare white moose.

You might think that this is an albino animal. The answer is not. The moose has a genetic disease known as the Peggy.

These magic pictures are enough to admire this beauty and say «wow». It is hard to imagine how the photographer felt when he saw the animal for the first time.

Roger Brendhagen is a photographer of wildlife, who captured this amazing creature. He won a chance «Once in life» and became famous for his incredible throws.

The moose wandered through the forest when Roger noticed him. The animal was not afraid of a person.

In recent years, several white moose have been noticed in the Swedish and Canadian forests. Experts say that due to the reduction of their predators, the number of white species increases.

I am delighted when I look at a wonderful moose. How diverse nature is!

We have only one task-to protect it!

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