Wonderful story: this smart dog managed to take the life of a girl left in the bathroom

This wonderful dog Milo became the hero of an elderly lady.

In Silver Spring, Maryland (USA), Milo became the hero of an old woman. The latter slipped into his bathroom and was trapped inside.

Milo is an energetic and very sociable dog. A two-year-old beagle was adopted in 2020 by Makayla Swift.

One fine November day, when her mistress was shopping with a friend in search of a wedding dress, an unexpected incident occurred. “We are late,” said the 20-year-old. Opening the front door, Milo ran away. Makayla failed to catch her.

The dog ran to the opposite house and scratched the front door. ”I thought, ’Why is he trying to break into this house?'” the Washington Post protagonist said. As she tried to drag Milo with her, the young woman and her friend heard a voice from the open window upstairs. It was the voice of Sherry Starr, pleading for help.

The lady was hurt

Let’s go back in time for a few hours. Sherry Starr, 85, got out of bed, sure she heard the doorbell ring. This phenomenon worried her, because no later than 4 o’clock, an eight-year-old student entered the bathroom and opened the window to look outside. Anyone.

Then Sherry breaks down…then gets into an accident. “Suddenly I tripped between the toilet and the bathroom,” she said. Impossible to get up.

Sherry hit her head and got scared. “I thought I would just die here,” she said. But Milo prevented such drama.

Mrs. Starr’s voice was very weak. “You have to be right at the front door to hear her call for help,” Makayla said. It seems that her dog, which has extremely good hearing, heard her…

Her adoptive mother contacted firefighters, who quickly arrived at the scene and rescued the victims. “This dog is blessed,” she admitted.

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