Wonderful story: this little cute cat started living with a dog family where he was accepted with love

The small cute cat had never known love from a mother.

As a child, Nala was left alone on a dirt road. The cries of a small tabby cat were heard by a caring neighbor who took her to the Spokane County Regional Animal Welfare Service (SCRAPS) in Spokane, Washington.

The little cat has never known maternal love, but soon two unexpected mothers will help her grow into a strong woman. Nala should be placed in foster care at such an early age to have the best chance.

Jamie Myers jumped at the opportunity to adopt a cat after seeing a request for help on Facebook. She was raising a cat that had recently lost several of her kittens, and she thought Nala would be a good fit.

“Nala immediately started breastfeeding and her mother brought her in right away. She egan kissing her and expressing her agreement and affection for her.”

“Nala was not yet old enough to find a permanent home when the mother cat and her kittens were adopted”, Myers said. “She did everything later than the rest of the group”. “She still kept her eyes closed when everyone else opened their eyes, and when they started to spin, she still held on to feed her mother”.

Nala was alone again, but not for long. Myers recently adopted a dog named Izzy, who had just given birth to puppies. Even though Izzy’s paws were already full of worries about her own litter, she still wanted to adopt a lonely kitten.

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