Wonderful story: this kind and caring man used warm coffee to save frozen kittens

A quick-witted man used his cup of hot coffee to free the kittens.

By saving the lives of three defenseless kittens, a Canadian oil worker has become a social media hero.

Finding the pitiful creatures with paws and tails frozen to the ground, the quick-witted man used his cup of hot coffee to free them.

He even filmed the event and posted it online, helping the kittens find their forever home!

Kendall Diwisch, who works in the oil business in Tomahawk, Alberta, Canada, said it was just another day at the office.

When the Drayton Valley resident found the helpless kittens, he was doing a daily inspection of the wells.

Kendall went to investigate as the animals cried furiously and didn’t move.

But as he got closer, he noticed that the little animals had been frozen to the ground for God knows how long.

Most likely, someone abandoned them, but this hero arrived just in time to save the day.

Kendall was afraid that their tiny paws and tails would be stuck in the icy snow, that they might get hurt if he let them go, so he rushed to his car and grabbed a cup of hot coffee.

After that, he simply poured coffee on the cat’s tails, melting the ice. The little beings were able to free themselves in this way.

The hero wrote: “So today I found these three on one of the country roads near one of my wells”. It is likely that he left. To help the poor, goods were frozen in ice.

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