Wonderful story: a kind and caring pilot frees a lone chimpanzee rescued from poachers

This monkey abandoned when her mother was kidnapped by hunters.

Nearly 3,000 chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans are illegally killed or stolen from the wild each year.

These are the disturbing results of a recent analysis by the Great Ape Survival Partnership (UNEP) (GASP) of the United Nations Environment Programme. The numbers illustrate the extent of the artificial monkey crisis.

Musa, the cute little primate in the video below, was abandoned when her mother was kidnapped by Congolese poachers. Fortunately for him, the Primate Rehabilitation Center in Lvira came to her aid, and now Musa has a chance to live a long and healthy life thanks to the help of a volunteer pilot.

The picture below shows his escape to freedom and is currently one of the most popular things on the internet.

Musa and the pilot immediately became friends, and the well-bred monkey remained in his arms during the flight, as can be seen in the photographs.

Musa even took a short nap halfway through before reaching her destination and entering a rehab center. Musa will be housed in a facility that already houses a number of endangered animals such as elephants, chimpanzees and gorillas.

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