Wonderful scene: this cute husky absolutely did not want to bathe and his behavior attracted everyone

The soaking wet husky was yapping away while getting brushed in the tub.

We all know how most dogs feel about groomers.

It’s almost the same as what they think about going to the vet.

They hate it. There are a number of reasons why dogs don’t like going to the groomers.

According to iheartdogs, these causes include noisy dryers, other dogs barking, withdrawnness, separation anxiety, and being treated by strangers.

It could have been one or all of these reasons for a husky named Moon being brought to his buddies.

In any case, he spoke very loudly about it. She listened to the caretaker all the time while he was being washed.

A wet husky jumped in the bathroom while it was being cleaned. His hilarious laments were recorded and posted on TikTok, where they went viral. “I don’t want to be clean”. The title of the video reads:

The video starts with Moon in the bath.

“I don’t want to do this,” the caption to the video reads.

But the caretaker continues to steadily clean the dog.

“Now I’m done”, Moon exclaims. – Hey, that’s enough!

He turns around, trying to avoid hitting some bushes, but it doesn’t work.

“Moon,” the groom laughs.

“Let’s finish”, Moon says. “I’m all clean”.

But the groomer has yet to remove the fur from Moon’s coat.

The Husky is known to be a very talkative breed.

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