«Woman won a beauty contest at the age of 61»: it is not necessary to be a star for popularity

She is so gorgeous that she looks no more than 35 years old.

To look gorgeous in life, it is not necessary to be a popular star: this woman took part in a beauty contest at the age of 61.

Meet Odessa citizen Svetlana Gass.

It is so magnificent that it looks no older than 35 years.

However, no one believes that she recently turned sixty-one years old.

The beauty claims that she does not even know that she is already a pensioner.

Svetlana sincerely shares the secret of her eternal youth: she simply holds her body and mind in a good active form.

She just does not have time to waste time on a television show or discuss someone else’s life.

Instead, she is fond of cycling, walking, and Pilates, and also takes yoga lessons.

As well as its adored pastime swimming.

A woman eats only healthy food, and for dinner, she always has a piece of cheese.

Most importantly, her main secret and advice to be always young and beautiful is fashion.

According to Svetlana, everyone should have a good and strong dream.

She advises women to go to bed early, and wake up at six in the morning.

Moreover, the woman has her own beauty salon where she makes a manicure, especially for older women.

And the most attractive and encouraging is that she participated in the beauty contest and won.

She is considered the most attractive grandmother.

Now the charming grandmother has other prospects: she has already submitted applications for participation in other beauty contests, is very serious, and is going to win.

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