With a gold medal, she sacrificed her career to save her horse-touching up to tears

Horses, no doubt, are one of the most gifted creatures in the world.

For centuries, several sports associated with horses have developed for entertainment purposes, not to mention their historical meaning.

Horses are still one of the most attractive creatures on the planet, so people adore them.

In addition, they provide amazing attachment and safety to those who have little in common with horses.

High riding is also considered one of the greatest forms of medicine, and an increasing number of people use it to treat various diseases.

When you first encounter horses, you understand how magnificent these animals are.

The Olympic Games have begun, and all attention to Rio!

Participants from all over the world have been preparing for these games for a long time!

Moreover, the Dutch exit artist and her pony Parsifal won bronze and silver prizes at the Olympic Games.

They also received worldwide and European gold medals.

Moreover, they flew easily, the stable is excellent, the preparation is fast.

Everyone loved the horse, they applauded and had fun there.

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