«Wife saved his life»: his wife banned him from a trip with friends because of a «strange feeling»

Buydens was a film publicist, and Douglas was a famous actor.

Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Buydens were married for more than 66 years before his death in 2020.

However, in 2017, the couple published the book «Kirk and Anne: love letters about love, laughter and life in Hollywood», in which they studied their many years of marriage.

Douglas and Buydens met on the set of the «Act of Love» in Paris.

Buydens was a film publicist, and Douglas was a famous actor.

However, Buydens remembered their initial conversation differently.

She stated that she was called to the Douglas office, where he was looking for a multilingual publicist.

Buydens was an ideal candidate, because she spoke freely in French, in German and English.

When Douglas Buydens arrived at the workplace called the «the lion’s lair», he invited Anne to have dinner, but she refused, saying she would have scrambled eggs at home.

Therefore, the film actress was surprised by the refusal.

But the movie publicist knew exactly what he was doing at the moment.

In the end, Douglas hired Buydens as his publicist and stopped looking after her.

Their connection was strictly professional.

The determination of Douglas not to impress his new publicist made him stop talking about himself and listen to what Buydens said.

This awareness made Buydens and Douglas feel more comfortable with each other.

They began to attend events together, one of which was a charity banquet in the circus.

For a publicist, this was an unforgettable case to become a witness to how the movie star did something unexpected and funny.

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