Why This Girl Uses Driftwood Will Shock You.  Astonishing Sculptures Tell The Story Driftwood Has

Nature makes you love the world and surround you with positive energy.

Debra Bernier is one of the most creative sculptors who work with driftwood. You just can’t take your eyes off her sculptures.

She considers that each of the driftwood is already a work of art. You can feel the power of nature just looking at her sculptures.

She tries to understand the stories that driftwood tells her.

humans in trees art

The inspiration for her works is nature, animals and children.

driftwood carving

She says that her works show the close relationship between people and nature.

driftwood art

Her love towards nature comes from childhood and she puts it in her works.

hand crafted wooden sculptures

You can buy her works that are presented in Etsy shop.

Are fond of nature? What reflects your connection with it?

beautiful hand crafted artspiritual driftwood artwood face artspirit sculptureDebra Bernier driftwood sculpturesshell carving art

Source: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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