Why do wooden boats sink when wood is so much lighter than water?

Wooden boats sink easily

Prior to the collapse, all ships were made of wood, yet this did not help them. They were able to safely descend into the ocean’s depths. Photos obtained by divers in different places of the world show that many are still at the bottom. Why is this occurring if wood is considerably super lightweight?

Многие деревянные корабли и сейчас находятся на дне, о чем свидетельствуют фотоснимки, сделанные дайверами в различных уголках планеты / Фото: blog.stanis.ru

What’s the reason for the floods?

Плотность популярных пород дерева, используемых для строительства судов, намного меньше воды / Фото: sdelai-lestnicu.ru

If a hole was created during the conflict, the water steadily entered all of the chambers, and the ship vanished into the depths of the sea. However, the volume of the most common wood species used in shipbuilding is substantially lower than that of water. Furthermore, the substance was well dried before usage, nearly doubling the capability. Even a ship entirely submerged in water is required to stay on the surface by law. But life isn’t like that.

В старые добрые времена практически все суда оснащались большим количеством стального оружия с боеприпасами / Фото: ocean-media.su

There are two important elements to consider. Just about all ships were armed with a huge number of steel weapons and ammunition in the good old days (guns, cores for them in stock). Steel has a much higher mass, nearly 7 to 8 times greater. Other metal constructions were installed on the ships in some instances, greatly increasing the ship’s weight. This had a part in and was one of the reasons of floods, which was particularly severe. And besides, the volume of the ship exceeded that of water, according to the findings.

Постепенно дерево напитывает в себя воду, становится тяжелым и тонет / Фото: apostrophe.ua

В старину наружные элементы корабля покрывали специальным водоотталкивающим покрытием / Фото: cz.pinterest.com

However, the reality that logs and individual boards are found near ships at the bottom of the seas and oceans cannot account for this. So everything is straightforward. The tree eventually took water into itself, becoming heavy and sinking. This issue was not paid much attention recently. The ship’s exterior was coated with a moisture coating consisting of wax, oil, and other materials.

В море вода слишком соленая и имеет свои свойства, отрицательно влияющие на пропитку / Фото: u-f.ru

However, the water in the sea is extremely salty and has its own qualities that make insemination difficult. The latter vanished into the woods in a flash. At the same time, the processing equipment was fairly costly. As a consequence, the ships became entirely soaked with ocean water over time, and the wood transformed into a substance with a far higher density than water. Wood can have a density of 1,100 pounds per cubic meter.

Дерево полностью пропитывалось водой и корабль мог пойти ко дну / Фото: znaj.ua

The logs eventually stopped to be carried down the river due to the tree’s ability to be entirely soaked with water, as many drowned along the route after absorbing too much water.

Finding out how a massive ship continues to remain at a relatively modest anchor in the current will be just as interesting and helpful.

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