When this wonderful dog got into the shelter, the entire staff was waiting for a Christmas miracle

The staff at of Veterinarians Hospital needed a “Christmas miracle”.

The puppy, which was taken into care, was on the verge of death.

Stacey Ridley, veterinarian at Colonial Heights Veterinary Hospital, activated her practice on Friday morning, December 10, 2021. An animal control officer placed a distressed 7-month-old puppy on an examination table.

Stacey Riddle and her team initially believed that the little fluffy ball fell into eternal sleep. “We all thought he was dead when he came in,” the WTVR intern said. I took out my stethoscope and, listening, heard nothing. And then after 5 seconds I heard a heartbeat. »

The puppy was given an electric blanket. The vet gave him dextrose to help him recover quickly. “And it definitely saved his life,” Stacey Riddle said.

After 7 hours, the young dog was able to raise its head for the first time and received some food. He also managed to stand on 4 legs and walk.

The fearless and courageous puppy was named the Hero. He will remain in the facility for several weeks until he fully recovers.

When everything is ready, the little survivor will be given up for adoption. “I think he will be a fantastic pet,” said Amanda Sverchek, manager. “I found it to be a happy miracle”.

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