«What touching communication the princess has»: Kate Middleton with a 3-year-old child melted millions of hearts

It is not surprising that cute videos with the Princess of Wales appear on the Web.

40-year-old Kate Middleton is perhaps one of the most beloved members of the Royal Family of Great Britain at the moment.

The secret of her success was quite simple in the appearance of Meghan Markle, she began to attend social events much more actively, her wardrobe does not cause complaints, and her behavior in any situation remains calm and restrained.

So, the other day she visited the Children’s Center Colham Manor, where she talked with the staff responsible for the psychological condition of the mothers.

On Katherine, there was a dress Mango, on top of which she threw a Hobbs coat. Jimmy Choo’s handbag and elegant jewelry completed the image.

During a meeting with the staff, Middleton remained extremely interested in what she was told.

And later I met young children, as well as their parents.

Internet users were especially interested in the moment when Katya squatted on the street next to a 3-year-old baby named Akim.

The boy asked Princess Wales what her name is. «Katherine», the wife of Prince William answered with a smile and gave the boy her flower.

The princess explained that this jewelry should remind Akim of «soldiers who sacrificed their lives».

«Sometimes it seems to me that Catherine was born for the role of a duchess, princess, and future queen».

«If Diana was the queen of worms, then Catherine definitely goes to this title now».

«And yet Catherine’s communication with children is something special. It can be seen that she loves children very much».

«We all love the Princess of Wales and we believe that she adequately represents the royal family and their people», the numerous Internet users in the comments on the video note.

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