What This Man Does With Rubbish Shocked Everyone! Look At The Masterpieces He Made!

The concept of the recycling gained popularity. In this way things get second chance to live.

As a schoolboy, Brian Mok from Oregon loved not to drive football, but to drawing and sculpting. When he grew up, he mastered the skills of working with metal, of which welding became the most required. Today Mock is known as the author of many magnificent sculptures from what many would call just rubbish.

Mock is not only engaged in creativity, he also disposes of garbage in the most original way, turning it into details of sculptures. By themselves, these are just spoons, pots, nails and tins, and fastened together into a single they seem to come to life. Mock is not stingy with adding material and building really big and detailed figures!

Brian Mock is a big fan and promoter of the concept of reuse and recycling. So his work is also a social project aimed at saving nature and solving environmental problems. He likes to collect garbage to turn it into something new, a kind of creative task with far-reaching plans. Creating is always more interesting than just littering.

The artist works 8 hours a day, six days a week. All the surrounding landfills are at his service, for 20 years of work he dragged from there about 30 tons of metal, which became works of art. Some sculptures can be made in a couple of days, others take more than a month of work. In recent years, Mok has mainly made figures by order – this is also a good business.

The most important is the reaction of the audience. Everyone tries to guess from what it is made.

Do you consider this an art? Would you like to have this kind of sculptures in your city?

Source: Lemurov

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