«What the fan showed touched Adele»: she burst into tears when the fan raised her phone and showed a photo

She regularly performs in front of fans every weekend.

Recently, the Ninth Adele concert was held in Caesars Palace.

She regularly appears to fans every weekend. Nevertheless, none of these events was complete without joyful, sad, or interesting cases.

For example, when one of the fans wanted to take a selfie with the artist, she was embarrassed by the large number of filters.

«But in real life, we look completely different», she told the fan, bringing her to tears.

Now, right during the concert, Adele herself burst into tears. The fact is that it interacts quite actively with the audience.

And during the performance, the singer decided to walk through the rows and noticed how a man shows a photo of his wife on the phone.

At first, Adele did not attach importance to this. But before the performance of the hit Someone Like You, she paused, because she could no longer restrain her emotions.

«When I go through the crowd, I want you to see what I see. Because every night I see small stories about people who really touch me. I noticed a man who held the phone with a photograph of his wife on the cover. And then I realized that his wife was not there now. It touched me very much. I’m sorry about your loss. And I am sorry that I did not immediately understand what you showed me», the crying artist for a man figured out.

After this touching moment, Adele calmed down a little and dedicated SOMEONE Like You to the widower, whom she so emotionally reacted.

Fans who captured this moment in the video noted that now they understand very well why the singer works so actively with psychotherapists in breaks between concerts.

«She really puts the whole soul in fans», and «amazing, talented and so human», they write in the comments.

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