What Makes These Dolls Expensive. The Amount Of The Money Paid For These Dolls Is Shocking!

If you are fond of something that is close to your heart you may give the needed money to obtain it.

We are used to playing with dolls but initially they were made for interior design or just for demonstrating clothing items.  There are such exclusive ones in the world, that collectors are ready to pay big amounts of money for obtaining them.

The birder


This is a mechanical toy of a young man playing the flute. Birds sit on his arm and sing along to the music. The author of a unique work is Christian Bine, who asks for more than 6 million dollars for a copy! But the price, according to the creator’s opinion, is justified, because manufacturing took two years of painstaking and truly jewelry work, and about 2300 details are included in the device. The complex mechanism is driven by a groovy golden key.


While the Birdman, who, by the way, exists only in one copy, remains in his workshop, but perhaps there will be wealthy connoisseurs.


Doll Marche

This is an amazing and very expensive porcelain doll, which cost is more than $260.000. It was sold in Atlanta at one of the auctions, but collectors still hunt for this doll, because it is truly unique, as it was created by the talented master puppeteer Albert Marche at the beginning of the last century.

In total, more than a hundred dolls were made, but most of them immediately found owners, and no more than twenty creations of the legendary Marche have survived to this day. And true connoisseurs of art are ready to pay thousands of dollars.


Dolls of Maria Bichkova

Maria Bichkova is a Russian artist who lives in Canada makes amazing astonishing and realistic dolls. They have moving limbs and faces carved by hand that remind human faces and demonstrate various emotions.

Maria experiments with her dolls and makes amazing pixies, gorgeous princess and young girlies. A doll by Maria costs more than $20.000 and in order to obtain his masterpieces you must order it beforehand- approximately 1-2 years.


Were you fond of dolls when you were a child? Would you give big amounts of money for the dolls mentioned in the article?

Source: Lemurov

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